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This Month We Love...Paperchase

Looking for an ultimate tailor-made gift? If so, you’re in luck! Paperchase in Tottenham Court Road are offering to personalise your books for free. You should still be able to get this post September, however this will come at a cost as far as I’m aware.

All you need to do is purchase a book from Paperchase and then queue up to get your book personalised. They are based on the ground floor by the entrance, so you can’t miss it.

Things you’ll need to consider:

  • Free service is available for this month only.

  • Text must be no longer than 7-8 characters long.

  • If you are bringing in a book previously purchased from Paperchase, a receipt is required for proof of purchase.

  • However if the book gets damaged, it’s not possible to get a refund as this is a free service, so check with a member of staff if it’s possible to get your book personalised.

  • Colours available – clear embossed, shiny silver, gold and matt silver. For the Star Wars book I opted for matt silver and for the brown and gold book I opted for gold. I bought these books today, so hopefully they’ll still be in store.

So what are waiting for, pop down to Totts Court Road and get your very own personalised book!

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