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D.I.Y Elliot & ET Costume

Happy pre-Halloween folks! I know we’re 5 weeks away, however I wanted to share with you one of my favourite ensembles – The Elliot & ET Costume. If you want to stand out from the crowd but stick within a small budget, then this blog post is definitely for you. Best part is it took me less than an hour to make and I am really pleased with the outcome. It also looks great in both ligh and dark settings!

So what are you waiting for, roll your sleeves up and give it a go!

For this project you will need:


  • Red Hoodie

  • Jeans


  • Grey basket 45cm - I bought mine from eBay

  • Reasonable size teddy – I used a Disney king Louie soft toy

  • White bed sheet

  • Sellotape

  • Scissors

  • Scotch Glue

  • 3-4 safety pins

  • Print out of ET’s face on A4 paper

  • Red bike light

  • One sheet of A3 paper – light grey

  • One sheet of A4 paper – dark grey

  • One sheet of A4 card – any colour will do, however I used black.


1. Cut out ET’s face from your A4 print out.

2. Then glue this onto your sheet of A4 card.

3. Cut around ET’s face again.

4. Sellotape at the back of the cut out card 2 safety pins – one around the neck and one in the centre of ET’s face.

5. Pin ET’s face onto the soft toy/item that you are using (I’ve decided to pin this at the back of King Louie’s head as he has a similar body shape to ET). Also pin the red bike light onto said soft toy/item. The red bike light really makes a huge difference as it brings the costume to life at night.

6. Wrap a white bed sheet around your ET model (I’ve used a safety pin at the front to avoid this from unravelling) and gently place this into the basket.

7. For the handles, roll up a 3rd of the light grey A3 paper (starting from the smaller end) and leave a hole roughly 1.5cm wide at the tips of the tube. Roll up a second tube approximately 6-8 cm in length also leaving a hole roughly 1.5cm wide. Sellotape around these tubes to hold in place.

8. Place half of the smaller tube on to the end of the longer tube and draw around this. This should stencil out a semi circle shape.

9. Cut out the semi circle.

10. Slot the smaller tube on top of the longer tube and sellotape this in place.

11. Using the dark grey paper cut a strip approximately 10cm in width and roll this into a tube. Slot this on top of the light grey handle and sellotape to hold in place.

12. Optional – cut 3 diamond shapes approximately 6cm in height and sellotape this on the corner of the handle.

13. Repeat steps 7-12 to create the second handle and sellotape this to the inner sides of the basket.

14. Finally to complete the look partner this costume with a red hoodie and some jeans.

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