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D.I.Y Halloween Bunting

Learn to make your very own Halloween bunting. Not only is this project cash friendly, it’s quick and easy to make too. So what are you waiting for, get involved with our spooktacular DIY project today!

For this project you will need:

  • Pencil

  • Black pen

  • Scissors

  • Scotch glue

  • Acrylic paint (pearl white)

  • Craft knife and cutting mat

  • A4 Orange card paper

  • A4 White paper

  • Mini pegs

  • Icicle lights


1. Stencil 3 9cm strips on A4 orange card.

2. Stencil diagonal lines at the ends of each 9cm strip.

3. Stencil a horizontal line through the middle connecting the 3 crosses formed at the centre of each strip.

4. From this A4 sheet you should be able to cut out 10 triangles.

5. Cut out triangles using scissors.

6. On each flag, stencil out a ghost shape and carefully cut around this using your craft knife. Be sure to not throw away your ghost cut outs.

7. Cut slightly smaller triangles with A4 white paper and stick this to the back of the orange triangle.

8. Turn the triangle around (with the white side facing down) and draw eyes on the ghost.

9. Colour the eyes with a black pen and using the end of a pencil, dot acrylic pearl white paint around the ghost. Leave to dry for about 10-20mins.


10. Finally using the mini pegs, clip the flags and ghost cut outs (that you saved) onto your icicle lights. Alternatively if you don’t have icicle lights, you can pin the flags to a piece of garden twine or string.

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