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D.I.Y Halloween Bat Piñata

Happy pre-Halloween folks, why not repurpose your empty toilet rolls this year by making mini bat piñatas! Not only do they look great, they’re super cheap and easy to make!

For this project you will need:

  • Toilet roll

  • Garden twine

  • Black acrylic paint

  • PVA glue

  • Paint brush

  • Craft knife and cutting mat

  • Kitchen tissue roll (around 2 sheets per toilet roll)

  • White A4 paper

  • Black pen

  • Pencil

  • Scotch glue

  • Black A4 card (one per toilet roll bat)

  • Sellotape


1. Flatten your toilet roll

2. Stencil a thin semi circle shape onto the ends of the toilet roll. Repeat this process on both sides.

3. Using your craft knife gently cut the toilet roll following the lines that you stencilled earlier. Be careful not to dig the knife too deep into the roll as the ends will still need to be attached.

4. Gently fold the ends on one side of the tissue roll leaving a small gap in between.

5. Cut your kitchen roll into small squares (approx 3x3cm).

6. Using PVA glue and a smidgen of water, glue your strips of tissue onto the roll. Cover the bottom of the tissue roll where the ends have been tucked in (as demonstrated in step 4) also making sure you’re covering the gap. Do not glue any tissue on the other end of your toilet roll (specifically inside the semi circle) as you will need to be able to fold this later on. Leave to dry for 10-20 mins.

7. Once dry, paint your roll in black acrylic paint and leave to dry for 10-20 mins.

8. Fold your A4 black card into half. Stencil half of the wings, starting from the folded end of the card.

9. Cut around this and unfold the wings.

10. Sellotape the wings to the back of the toilet roll, with the covered up end of the roll facing down.

11. On your white sheet of paper, stencil out eyes and fangs. Cut these out and stick this onto your toilet roll, also with the covered end of the toilet roll facing down.

12. Fill the bat with a couple of chocolate treats. Then crumple up a bit of black tissue paper and stuff this into the bat. Finally fold the ends of the toilet roll in (sealing the treats inside)

13. Using your craft knife, pierce a small hole into the back of the bat and thread a piece of garden twine through the hole.

And hey presto, your mini bat piñata is now ready to be hung!

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