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D.I.Y Ghostbusters Halloween Wreath

‘Who you gonna call? Not For The Faint Crafted'

Okay that sounded way better in my head, but I’ll accept it’s not going to catch on. As you may have gathered by now I’m a mega fan of the 80s and I couldn’t miss out on creating a Ghostbusters Halloween wreath this year.

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome, especially as it was my first time making this, however if I could change one thing about it, I would make the diagonal line on the no entry symbol a bit more diagonal. But hey, a Ghostbusters wreath edging towards the London underground sign isn’t the worst thing in the world.

So if you’re feeling inspired, why not give it a go yourself!

For this project you will need:

  • 2 large foam boards

  • Kitchen tissue roll

  • Pen

  • Pencil

  • Scotch glue

  • PVA glue

  • White acrylic paint

  • Black Acrylic paint

  • Red Acrylic Paint

  • Battery Fairy Lights – 20 lights

  • Red Tinsel – 2 meters

  • Craft knife and cutting matt

  • Sellotape

  • Hemp string

  • Garden twine

  • Batteries

  • Scissors


1. On one of your large sheet s of foam board, stencil the ‘no entry’ symbol. The width of the symbol should be approximately 4.5 cm wide.

2. Using your no entry symbol as a guide, draw the Ghostbusters ghost.

3. Using your craft knife and cutting matt, cut out the logo.

4. Stencil your cut out onto your second sheet of foam board.

5. Cut out this template out again using your craft knife so that it replicates your first Ghostbusters logo cut out.

6. Using scotch glue, stick the first foam board cut out on to your second foam board cut out.

7. Using scissors cut strips of kitchen tissue (approx. 7 large sheets).

8. PVA glue tissue strips around your foam board cut out. Repeat this process twice and leave to dry for approx. 30 mins.

9. Once dry, re-stencil the Ghostbusters logo.

10. Cut out more tissue strips (approx. 10-20 large sheets). Place sheets into a bowl, add water (not too much as you don’t want to drown the tissue but enough for the tissue to have absorbed the water) and add PVA glue (around 2 table spoons). Using your hands, massage the glue into your wet tissue strips. Rather than placing all sheets into a bowl, I split this process into 4-5 intervals.

11. Grab chunks of tissue and mould this onto your Ghostbusters cut out. I made sure the cheeks, nose and chin of the ghost were risen more so than the rest of the ghosts body. Leave this to partially dry for 20mins. As the tissue is soaked in water, this will take longer to dry.

12. Cut more tissue strips (approx 3-4 large sheets). Using PVA glue, layer the tissue strips on top of your ghost mould and around the no entry symbol of the logo. Don’t press too hard into these strips as you want the surface of the ghost to look smooth? Repeat this process around 2-3 times. Leave to dry for a day (I used a hair dryer to speed up the process!)

13. Once dry, paint the ghost in white and red acrylic paint and leave to dry.

14. Using black acrylic paint, paint around the edges of your 3D Halloween wreath and the ghost’s features, replicating the actual Ghostbusters logo and leave to dry.

15. Once dry, drill small holes into your wreath (approx 3-5mm in width) as highlighted in the image below.

16. Cut approx. 15-20 pieces of red hemp string (approximately 15-20cm in length).

17. Using the red tinsel, form a backward S shape, following the guide of your no entry symbol.

18. In the gaps of the wreath as well as the holes you created earlier, tie your red tinsel onto the wreath making sure you double knot the string. Start of that the top of your backwards S shape and continue to the end of the no entry sign. Cut off the remainder of the tinsel.

19. Using the remainder of your tinsel cut a small bit off and tie this on the top left hand corner of the no entry symbol.

20. Using your screwdriver, drill small holes around the no entry symbol again following that similar backward S shape. Be careful when doing this as you don’t want to poke holes into the ghost. Start slotting in your fairy lights where possible and stick the battery box in the centre of your Halloween wreath.

21. Finally stick a piece of garden twine onto the back of your Ghostbusters wreath.

and there you go, your Ghostbusters Halloween Wreath is ready to be hung!

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