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D.I.Y Engraved Wallet

Hey peeps, so I’m a huge fan of personalised gifts, whether it be mugs, cards, t-shirts, you name it, this girl wants it. However as much as I love receiving personalised gifts, I also love the craft of making them and giving them to people. Plus the best part is it doesn’t necessarily need to cost you an arm and a leg to make!

Also a quick FYI It’s my first time wood burning anything, let alone leather, so I’m not going to blow my own trumpet and say wow it came out amazing, because up close, it kind of looks like I engraved it with my left hand (and I’m definitely not ambidextrous!) BUT the fact that it was personalised anyway still makes this gift pretty cool (well in my opinion) and it actually went down very well as a gift so happy days!

Anyway hope you enjoy this craft too!

P.S. expect to see more wood burning magic from me soon, that’s a promise!

For this project you will need:

  • Woodburning Iron Set – you can purchase this set at Lidl for £8.99

  • Biro Pen

  • Leather Wallet

  • Cutting Matt (Optional) – I wanted to use this as a safe surface to avoid burning my desk


1. Firstly screw on one of the thin pointed tips to the wood burning iron.

2. Then using a pen, stencil your design on the wallet. As this was a 30th birthday gift, i decided to mark ‘On Your 30th...Vasuhi’ to the inside of the wallet.

3. Plug your wood burning iron set and wait a couple of minutes for this to warm up. Be careful not to touch the tip whilst hot as this will leave a scar. Once hot, follow the outline of your stencil with the tip of your iron. Also try and make sure you don’t burn through the material by leaving the tip on the leather for so long.

4. Finally leave your wallet to cool for a couple of minutes and now your gift has shifted from plain gift to personalised one. I also added in a couple of hearts as I accidentally burnt the leather with the metal dish attached to the iron so tried to conceal this the best way I could!

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