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D.I.Y Travel Leaving Card

Living in a generation where most of my friends are ready to jet set over the world, I found the perfect opportunity to make the perfect leaving card. I really wanted to make this card personal and also something my friend would enjoy reading when she has the best friend blues. Hope you like it as much as I do

For this project you will need:

  • Old world map poster (where the globe is split into 2 halves)

  • A2 card paper (any colour, however i used brown)

  • Scissors

  • Scotch glue

  • Coloured A4 paper (X6) – red, blue, orange, pink, green, white

  • Coloured pens (X5) - red, blue, orange, pink, green

  • Craft knife, ruler & cutting mat


1. Take your world map poster and cut around the 2 globes using scissors.

2. Place your globe cut out on top of your A2 card and stencil around the 2 globes using a pencil.

3. Cut the stencil out. Now your card cut out should mirror your globe cut out.

4. Using a ruler, lightly score the middle of your card cut out. This will enable you to easily fold the card.

5. Using scotch glue, glue your globe cut out to your card cut out.

6. Next, trim a small section at the bottom of your card as this will enable the card to sit upright and not roll off.

7. Stencil the shape of an aeroplane on a white sheet of paper.

8. Cut around this and glue on top of your remainder A2 card.

9. Cut around this again.

10. Next, stencil a small heart shape (around 2-3cm in width and height) and stack around 3-4 layers of your remainder A2 card (make this the size of a 5p coin and glue on top of each other to hold in place).

11. Next glue your card stack to the back of your aeroplane cut out.

12. Take your white sheet of paper and stencil a tag shape (approx 7-8cm in height and 4-5cm in width). Stick this onto one of your coloured sheets of A4 paper.

13. Cut around this leaving a 5mm border and stencil dotted lines using one of your matching coloured pens. I repeated this process 6 times in total as I made this card on behalf of me and my 5 friends who were going to sign each tag with a bespoke message. The 6th tag would be stuck on top of the card.

14. Using your craft knife and cutting mat pierce a small hole in each of the tags.

15. Take your first tag and stick this on the front of your card. As my friend is moving away from England to Nepal I glued the small heart shape on England and the stacked cards, at the back of the aeroplane cut out, near India – the stacked cards will give the aeroplane a 3D look. Using a pen, dot a trail line from the heart to the aeroplane as home will always be where the heart is.

16. Using a pencil stencil your message on top of your tag. I chose ‘Bon Voyage Susan’

17. Using your coloured pens, colour over your text however you please.

18. Finally cut out some photos and stick the remainder of your tags inside the card. I actually dotted a line connecting each tag to each person in the photos. Finally leave a personal message in each of the tags and your card is finally ready! One thing to note, the card was too big to put in an envelope so I wrapped this in some tissue paper instead.

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