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D.I.Y Beyonce Engagement Card

Although I do love a good Moonpig card I couldn’t miss the opportunity of making a bespoke engagement card for one of my closest friends’. Not only did I love making this card, i couldn't think of anything better than giving a diehard Bey fan a personalised Beyonce engagement card.

For this project I used:

  • White Paper

  • Colouring pencils

  • Scissors, craft knife and cutting mat

  • Tracing paper

  • Pencil

  • A4 colour card – pink, black glitter, gold glitter and silver glitter

  • A3 colour card – one fuchsia pink and one cream

  • Pink mesh material

  • Scotch glue and PVA glue

  • Print out Photos

  • Colour pens – black, pink and yellow

  • Heart shape embellishments


1. On a piece of white paper I first drew a cartoon version of my friend as Beyonce. Using some colour pencils I then coloured this in and finally outlined my design using a black pen.

2. For the bodysuit and shoes I left this blank as this is where I will use the black glitter card. For the bracelet and earrings, I also left this blank as this is where I will use the gold glitter card and finally for the ring, I left this blank as this is where I will use the silver glitter card. To do this I first traced around the shoes, bodysuit, bracelet, earrings and ring of my cartoon character.

3. Once traced I put the tracing paper to one side (as I’ll come back to this later). Using a craft knife and cutting mat I then cut around my cartoon character.

4. Next I got my piece of black glitter card, turned this around so the plain side of the card is facing towards me. Then to transfer the bodysuit that I traced (in step 2) I turned the tracing paper around so that the pencil side is facing the plain side of the black glitter card. Then using a pencil I stencilled over the traced line.

5. Using a craft knife I then cut around the traced body suit and stuck this on to my cartoon cut out.

6. I repeated the same process for the shoes, bracelet, earrings and ring.

7. Using light pink card, I stencilled a large heart shape and cut this out using scissors.

8. Next I cut pink mesh material and glued this onto the heart shape using PVA glue. Note – once PVA glue dries it becomes transparent. Then I finally trimmed off any remainder mesh using scissors.

9. Using your 2 A3 coloured card paper, I glued this together using scotch glue and then folded this in half with the cream side of the card facing out.

10. Using more scotch glue, I then glued the pink heart onto the outside of my card.

11. Then I did the same with my cartoon cut out.

12. Using my remainder tracking paper, I then stencilled out ‘RING’ in bold fonts. Then i transferred this onto the back of my silver glitter card and then cut this out using a craft knife.

13. Using scotch glue I then glued this onto the card. Using a pencil I first sketched my ‘Congrats He Put A ... On It’ message and then went over this in pen and colouring pencils.

14. Finally I stuck some heart shape embellishments on the side.

15. For the inside, I first cut out my printed photos and stuck this inside the card.

16. I then cut out 7 medium and 3 small heart shapes. The reason I chose 7 medium heart shapes is this is where people will sign the card, each person for each heart. Finally I stuck all hearts inside the card, ready for people to sign.

And there you go a personalised engagement card fit for any Bey fan getting married!

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