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D.I.Y Star Wars Date Night Box

Valentines is just around the corner and if you’re thinking of ways to dazzle your loved one, why not create your very own bespoke date night box. With my boyfriend being a Star Wars fan it was a no brainer to go for this theme, however the best the part of making your own valentines gift is that you can customise these to whatever you like!

So what are you waiting for why not give it a go yourself.

For this project you will need:

  • Empty cardboard box

  • Card Paper - 3 A3 sheets of black card and 1 A4 sheet and white, peach, red, blue, green and yellow

  • Black tissue paper

  • pencil and rubber

  • colour pencils

  • tracing paper

  • white acrylic paint and paintbrush

  • scotch glue

  • double sided tape

  • craft mat and knife

  • Print outs of R2-D2, star wars logo and Yoda (optional)


1. Firstly you want to cover the inside of your box with black card paper. To do this you want to measure the height and width of all the sides that cover the inside of your box. This will include the base and the flaps.

2. Once you have measured the sides, you will now need to stencil your measurements on your black sheets of card paper and cut this out - you should be left with 9 sheets of card cut outs.

3. Next take your Yoda silhouette print out and trace over this (please note this is optional if you prefer to draw free hand). To transfer this image onto your green card, turn the tracing paper over and then transfer by stenciling over your traced image. To see this more clearly draw over the traced line using your pencil.

4. Next using your craft knife and cutting mat, cut out your Yoda stencil.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for R2-D2 and the star wars logo.

6. Then take your peach coloured paper and draw a picture of Hans Sola and Princess Leia looking at the moon. Colour this in with colour pencils and then cut this out using a craft knife.

7. Now you want to decorate the flaps and the base of your black card cut outs. Using scotch glue, glue Yoda and R2-D2 on the longer flaps. Then glue Hans Solo with Princess Leia on to the base. Finally complete these by dotting stars using white acrylic paint. Repeat this process for one of the small flaps, with the star wars logo.

8. Next take 2 of the longer sides of your black card cut outs and one of the shorter sides (make sure you don’t mistake these for the flaps) and paint stars around this, just like the image below.

9. Next, cut out strips of black tissue paper and glue these to inner edges of your box. This is to avoid the white box peeking through once the box is lined with your black sheets of card.

10. Next using double sided tape, stick all black card cut outs to the inside of your box.

11. Using your craft knife, cut out the words R2 and YODA and glue this to the bottom small flap. Finish this off by writing the message ‘You R2 Awesome & That’s Why YODA Only One For Me’

Now that your box is complete, finally fill this with Star Wars themed treats and films!

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