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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Y’all!

In honour of this weekend, I wanted to be the hostess with the most-ess, so decided to hold my very own Easter themed tea party!

A couple of things, including the crackers, carrot dangling decorations and Easter bunny jars were handmade (instructions below) but everything else listed was shop bought:

  • Wedgewood Tea Set – John Lewis

  • Christmas wreath and Hedgehogs – Homebase (I did buy these a couple of years ago, however you can find something similar on Ebay)

  • Grass bunnies – Paperchase

  • Pompoms – Paperchase

  • Yellow Polka Dot Table Cloth – Sainsbury’s

  • Little Chicks with glasses – Paperchase

  • Little Chicks without glasses – Sainsbury’s

Dangling Carrot Decorations

1. Cut 8 carrot shapes out of orange card paper.

2. Cut 8 seaweed like shapes out of green card paper

3. Stick each green shape using glue at the back of your orang card cut outs, making sure the circular part of your green card cut outs is not visible.

4. Once dried, using a silver marker pen draw circular dots on the carrots giving it a polka dot effect

5. Finally using a bit of twine and tape, stick these on to the back of your carrot decorations

6. Repeat this process for the other card cut outs and hang these wherever you please. I have a light up tree centre piece which I’ve chosen to hang this on.

Easter Bunny Jars

1. Cut up strips of green tissue paper.

2. Fill half your jar with the shredded paper.

3. Add your Lindt bunny along with chocolate eggs and seal the jar tight.

Couple of other photos taken during the day...

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