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D.I.Y Awesome Mix Tape Book

Geek out this weekend with our super easy Guardians of the Galaxy mix tape book tutorial.

For this project, you will need:

  • A5 or smaller blank book (Ideally with a black spine)

  • Black A4 card

  • Grey A4 card

  • Cream A4 card

  • Scotch glue

  • PVA Glue and kitchen tissue

  • Black paint and paintbrush

  • Craft knife and cutting matt

  • Orange & black pen

  • Pencil, ruler & rubber

  • Polyethylene foam sheet


1. Stencil around the shape of your book and cut this out using scissors. Repeat this process twice as this will cover the front and back of your book.

2. To form the label of your mix tape, take your cream card paper and stencil the label design as seen in the image below. You may need to play about with the size of your label as this will depend on the size of your book.

3. Now you should have a small rectangle shape in the middle with 2 circles. Cut this out using your craft knife and cutting matt. Don’t throw out any cut outs just yet.

4. Using your craft knife, cut out the shaded areas and discard these so that you are left with 2 circles and funnel shape in between.

5. Taking your cream cut outs, stencil around these with your pencil on some grey card paper. This will form the reel of your mix tape. Once you’ve done this, you can throw away the cream circle and funnel cut outs.

6. Draw a floral shape in the centre of your grey circular cut outs, to make these look like actual reels. Using your craft knife carefully cut these out.

7. Now take your polyethylene sheet (about 5 mm in thickness) and stencil a trapezoid shape using a ruler and a pencil. Cut this out using your craft knife and repeat this process twice. Once you have your 2 cut outs, glue these together using scotch glue.

8. Then glue strips of kitchen tissue around your trapezoid cut out and leave to dry.

9. Once dry paint your shape using back acrylic paint and leave to dry again.

10. Now glue the outer cream label cut out and your grey circle and funnel cut outs on what would be the front cover of your book. I decided to curve out the edges of the cream label to give it more of a sticker label look.

11. Then using a pencil and ruler, stencil out lines (just like the design on the awesome mix tape vol. 1 label). Using your orange pen, colour between the lines.

12. Using your black pen, write down ‘Awesome Mix Tape Vol.1’ on the top. You can go over this as many times as you want. I did this twice. Now you’ve just created the cover of your book.

13. Once the above is done, glue down the cover to the front of your book using scotch glue. Also repeat this for the back of your book with your remaining black card cut out.

14. Finally take your trapezoid cut out and glue this on the bottom of the front cover of your book using scotch glue.

And voila, your mix tape book is finally complete!

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