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D.I.Y Baby Groot Desk Plant

I don’t know why but the second I knew the new Guardians of the Galaxy film was coming out, I was obsessed with making my very own Baby Groot desk plant. In all honesty, I free-styled this craft from start to finish, but I have to say i absolutely love it!

For this project, you will need:

  • A4 print out of baby Groot

  • Tracing paper

  • Pencil and pen

  • Craft knife and cutting matt

  • A4 Polyethylene foam sheet

  • Wooden skewer

  • Tape

  • Pebble spray paint & plant pot

  • Dry foam

  • Faux flowers

  • Scissors

  • Acrylic Paint

  • PVA Glue and kitchen tissue

  • Copper wire fairy lights


1. Take your print out of baby Groot and trace over his body with a pencil. There is no need to trace over the plant pot itself.

2. Next take your Polyethylene sheet, turn over your tracing paper with Groot and stencil over the traced lines. Now your Groot image should be transferred on to the Polyethylene sheet.

3. You will find the image is faint on the Polyethylene sheet, so take a pen and draw over your image of Groot.

4. Next using a craft knife and cutting matt, carefully cut around your Groot image.

5. Take a few sheets of kitchen tissue roll and cut these into small strips. Then with some PVA glue and water coat your Groot cut out with a couple of layers of tissue and leave to dry.

6. Next, with the remaining tissue strips, start to scrunch these up into little balls and coat these in PVA glue. Bit by bit glue these on to your Groot cut out. Don’t worry about this looking uneven at this stage.

7. Next, smooth out the bumps in stage 6 by gluing more tissue strips on top of your tissue bumps and leave to dry.

8. Once dry, paint your 3D Groot with acrylic paint (using your original baby Groot print out as a guideline). Again, leave to dry.

9. Next, take a wooden skewer and snap this in half. Then using tape, stick the wooden skewer to the back of your Groot cut out (with the sharp end of the skewer facing down).

10. Take your plant pot and spray paint a couple of coats of Pebble spray paint according to the spray paint directions.

11. Once dry, take your dry foam and stick this in the plant pot. Then with the sharp end of the skewer, stick your Groot cut out in the centre.

12. Then, take your faux flowers and cut the leaves and daisies out.

13. Next, rearrange the leaves and daisies that you cut out into your dry foam mould making sure the dry foam is not visible.

14. Finally, using your copper wire fairy lights, wire this around your baby Groot cut out (making sure the battery) is hidden at the back.

And there you go, your baby Groot plant is complete!

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